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Recovering From A Super Bowl Hang Over

It’s Monday after the Super Bowl and there are probably millions of Americans sitting at work feeling fuzzy, bloated and tired from their previous day’s football extravaganza. Super Bowl Sunday might as well be a national holiday because everyone uses it as an excuse to get together, drink, and pig out on cheese dip, pizza and endless chicken wings.

The Super Bowl is like a test to see if you are really dedicated to the marathon/triathlon training you signed up for, or if you are going to uphold that New Year’s Resolution of dieting.   

Even though the  Super Bowl is evil to those trying to stay physically fit, there are ways to combat it’s day-long reign and make you feel less guilty afterwards. 

So, what should you do to recover?

#1 – drink LOTS of water. Water will help you flush out the toxins from that good, oh-so-bad-for-you dip that you could not stop eating. Your rationale of “it’s just one more bite with a little bit of dip” adds up! Also, water will help you detox from all the beer you drank to keep you busy during the 3-hour game. Click here to see how much water you need to drink.

#2 – Cardio cardio cardio. Get off your butt and burn calories by doing cardio every day this week. Even if you only

Santa Monica Stairs

have 15-30 minutes, as long as you do an intense, high-interval cardio routine, you will burn that extra slice of pizza you “must” have. If you are not a runner, walking at a fast pace burns just as many calories as running. Also, stair climbing is also a great cardio workout and can be done anywhere, even at work! So, instead of pushing that “up” elevator button, go take the stairs this week.

#3 – easy on the food portions this week. Since you probably ate your week’s allotment of food in one day, take it easy and cut back this week. Eat healthier food items such as salad (light on the dressing), grilled chicken, fish, and nuts (to fill you up). Be conscientious of what you eat this week to help balance out the crap you ate over the weekend. Click here for food recommendations.

#4 – catch some zzzz’s. Sleep will help you rebuild the energy you lost while rooting for your favorite team, as well as make you eat less. By sleeping well, you will have more energy to exercise and be productive, and not emotionally eat from being tired.

I believe everyone can have fun during Super Bowl-like events and “cheat” every once in a while on their fitness and dieting goals, as long as you balance it out before and/or after. If you know you are going to eat/drink a lot, then make the time to workout a little longer or more frequently, or take extra care to eat healthier. It’s all about balance and moderation.

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Bartender can I have a…

Ok, let’s get real. I like to have fun and enjoy a good alcoholic drink sometimes. But I hate the extra calories a night out ensues, as well as the extra hurdle you need to overcome when you work out the next day. I’ve been trying to look for solutions to this problem. Of course, the obvious solution is to not drink. But even though that’s the obvious choice, it’s not the preferred or the realistic resolution.

So, I decided to find the middle of the road, the compromise, the not-so-guilty drink(s) for me, and here’s what I will be ordering at the next Happy Hour(s):

Michelob Ultra

Not only is this beer only 95 calories, but it’s also crisp, light and refreshing when super chilled. Yes, there are other lower-calorie beers out there like MGD 64 (64 being the number of calories), but I didn’t really care for the taste. Michelob Ultra satisfies my craving for a thirst quenching beer on a hot day next to the pool.




Vodka Soda with Lime

This cocktail drink is only 100 calories – calories come from the Vodka alone. I prefer Ketel One as my Vodka of choice. But to help you with your choice, here’s a simple rule of thumb – the higher the alcohol content the higher the number of calories. Also, if you want to mask the taste of the pure vodka and tasteless soda water, just add as many limes as you want – guilt-free.





Rum and Diet Coke

Just like Vodka soda, Rum and Diet Coke is 100 calories (8 oz.) IF you mix with DIET Coke. The calories come from the Rum itself. This cocktail is more flavorful than Vodka soda, but stains more when there’s a party foul.






What better way to start your day than with a Mimosa at Brunch. The champagne infused orange juice is a delectable cocktail with only 100 calories. However, be careful. Too many of these and in 30 minutes the champagne will hit you and you roll into lunchtime with a hang over.





Wine (Red/White)

Long day at work? Enjoy a nice glass of wine. One glass is 120 calories, whether you prefer red or white. I generally prefer a nice Shiraz or a light crisp Chardonnay. Trader Joe’s has a nice selection of wines to choose from, and of course, there’s always BevMo and their 5 cent sales!

So, if I am meeting you for drinks, please order me any one of these drinks! Though, I do have to say that the trick to not drinking all the calories is to pace yourself, count the number of drinks you have, and DO NOT do the inevitable midnight run for food after the night out…oh, and make sure you have a designated driver always!

Cheers to you all! Feel free to add your favorite low-calorie cocktail to the list in the comments.

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You Don’t Intimidate Me

When I was in high school, I played varsity tennis for three years. It was a great time. I played with my best friends who I have known since kindergarten. I had a ball with them going to away games, getting out of school early and playing a fun sport – minus the practicing for hours in the dead of Summer heat it made my high school experience fabulous.

Amongst all the great memories, one ironic thing that always stood out was how we would beat the opponents that looked professional and had every gadget available for the sport. These girls would have professional looking outfits, jump suits to warm up in, 3 rackets in their car-size bags, and their VIP spectators that would crowd around the court. You’d think that we were playing royalty of high school girl’s tennis.

Then, there’s me and my friends on the team. We had non-branded outfits, hoped that our one racket wouldn’t break, and counted each innocent bystander walking by the court as our fan club (they did turn their head to watch as they walked by, you know).

But more often than not, we would beat these professionally clad players. They looked great, but they made a zillion unforced errors, looked to their mom when they were getting frustrated, and didn’t understand how to set-up a winning point. Even though me and my team were a bunch of misfits, we knew how to play, enjoyed the sport and just took each point as it came. Maybe it’s because we didn’t focus heavily on the appearance and actually focused on our technique. Or, maybe we just plain kick a$$.

Whatever the reason may be, I am using this lesson as I train for my triathlon. After shopping around, I have decided that I’m not going to have every accessory and equipment ever made since the cave man era.  I will not spend thousands of dollars on little nick knacks, outfits, and the best of the best of water bottles and helmets.   

I will focus on technique and shaping my body, and not so much about how unprofessional I look. As long as I have a wet suit to keep me warm, a bike helmet to protect the air in my head, a bike with two wheels (and playing cards interwoven in them), and shoes with laces that won’t become untied, I will be ready to go to tackle this thing. For me, I will be happy just crossing that 3-inch Finish Line, even if I am wearing a shirt that says “Class of 1998.”

LESSON: You can have $200 pair of running shoes, but if your body can’t run more than 12 feet, those running shoes mean nothing.

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Confessions from a Lazy A$$

Dear Fitness Diary,

Yes, I know, I’m guilty! I did not exercise this past 3-day weekend. I feel ashamed. I feel worthless. I feel like I failed you…but I really do have good reasons for not doing it. I hope after reading them you can forgive me.

Reason (Excuse) #1: The weather was too hot. After being 50-60 degrees out the past few weeks, working out in 80-90 degree weather was just too much of a transition for my temperature-sensitive body to take.

Reason #2: I changed into workout clothes, but when I looked in the mirror I realized my shirt was too wrinkled. So, I didn’t want to be laughed at for my sloppy, unkept presence.

Reason #3: There were too many dogs outside being walked by their owners, and I am dreadfully fearful of Chihuahua’s and Pomeranian’s.

Reason #4: Since there were dogs outside, I tried the gym but then there were too many “New Year’s Resolution exerciser’s” hogging up the machines they don’t know how to use.

Reason #5: I thought clapping and jumping up and down for the Jets and Da Bears was considered good cardio…no?

Reason #6: And finally…I had to wash my hair.

These are pretty valid reasons, right? Tell you what, Diary, I’ll work extra hard this week and not take a rest day! Truce?


Your BFF

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Sports Movie Triathlon – Last Installment

Over the past two days, with the other installments of the Sports Movie Triathlon (click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2), we have laughed, cried and cheered for great sports stories for girls and for football fans. Now, it’s time to roll on the floor laughing with great comedy sports movies to end the movie triathlon on a silly note.

Top 5 Comedy Sports Movies


First of all, I can’t lie, my horrible golf game can be seen in this movie. Second, I have had multiple run-ins with a damn squirrel similar to the gopher in this movie. And finally, it’s hard not to crack a smile while watching this movie.





The Replacements

I bet Brett Favre wishes this storyline would happen in real life! The Replacements is about regular star football players going on strike and older, wiped out players coming in to take their place. Thankfully, this will never happen in the NFL and we can finally say goodbye to #4. Of course, this movie also includes monotone, horrible acting by Keanu Reeves, but we should all be used to that by now.




Happy Gilmore

Yes, another golf comedy movie, but I would be amiss if I did not include Happy Gilmore. When you put a hockey stick using, Bob Parker fighting, crocodile wrestling Adam Sandler in a movie, you are sure to have some fun.





Bad News Bears


If you don’t have time to watch this charming, funny, predictable movie, here’s a 3-minute condensed version I found that may show you why it’s one of the best. Click here to view.




Major League

Before writing this blog, I asked several people what their funniest sports movie was, and almost every single one of them said Major League. Now, I have not seen the movie, but after talking to my friends and reading the synopsis, I think I need to add it to my list. The movie is about a team owner purposely creating a horrible team so they can move to a new city. If you ask me, that’s kind of brilliant!

So, after the top girlie sports movies, and the top football sports movies, and now finishing with the top comedy sports movies, I have to say that watching all these sports movies is making me want to “go out there and get ’em tiger” at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. After completing the event, I will let you know which category of sports my experience falls under. I will tell you now, the “calamity” category is in the lead.

Tell me, what is your favorite sports movie and why? What else should I be watching to get motivated and encouraged?

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Sports Movie Triathlon – Part 2

Yesterday, I shared the first installment of the Sports Movie Triathlon. Now, here’s part two in honor of the NFL Playoff weekend.

Top 5 Football Movies

Jerry Maguire

“You complete me.” No, Tom Cruise, you don’t. But this movie is a great story about self-awareness that all started with a mission statement. The movie delivers a breakdown, break up, funny lines, memorable lines, several moments of Renee Zellweger showing off her squinting, pucker lip face, and good in-yo-face football action.





Who doesn’t love a good underdog movie about a boy dreaming of playing on the Notre Dame football team. At the end of the movie, I’m sure you will be cheering “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” for a good while afterwards.  Oh, and make sure you have a tissue box handy.




Remember the Titans

After an African-American high school football coach becomes the head coach of a racially mixed team due to school integration, the school, players and state become transformed. This movie wraps racial tension, good music, fun moments, close football games, and a young, slim Ryan Gosling into an enjoyable 90 minute gift.




Any Given Sunday

Try catching your breathe during this intense football thriller that shows a behind-the-scenes look at the game of football and the people that run the game. As you watch the movie, you will feel like you have a front-row, sideline seat to another Al Pacino powerful performance.





Varsity Blues

Don’t expect to see the big-word using, Katie Holmes admiring James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek in this movie about a high school football team  trying to win the championship.  Instead, Van Der Beek plays a second-string quarterback trying to prove to his father, coach and team that he is the best. Aside from the typical high school shenanigans that inevitably takes place, you will enjoy the eye candy, Paul Walker, throughout the film.

Regardless of if you enjoy the game of football or not, these movies offer great stories about overcoming adversity, building comraderie, and growing the human spirit. I bet you will tear up at least once while watching this section of the Sports Movie Triathlon.

Tommorrow, I will end the triathlon with good ol’ comedy sports movies.

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Sports Movie Triathlon – Part 1

A 3-day weekend is on the horizon, and what better way to spend your time than to watch movies! Movies are such a versatile entertainment option because you can do it with friends, do it alone, do it at home, do it in the theatres, or just do it (wait, sorry I just watched a Nike commercial).

Anyways, I thought I would create a list for a Sports Movie Triathlon for those looking to kill time over the long weekend. Over the course of the next three days, I will have a specific theme and share my Top 5 movies for that category. Just like a triathlon moves from one physical activity to the next, I will set up the movie triathlon to move from one sports theme to the next. (My friend the DW gets creative credit for this idea!)

I hope you enjoy the Sports Movie Triathlon…after you complete it, you can tell your friends and family you completed a triathlon! They will be so impressed!

So, Saturday’s theme: Top 5 Girlie Sports Movies.

Top 5 Girlie Sports Movies

A League of their Own

Now, who can resist the drama of a female baseball team trying to keep the All-American game alive during the war, and the conflicts, jealousy and backstabbing that stir up when you put females together. At times gut wrenching, funny and just plain fun, this movie is sure to appeal to a wide audience. Just remember, “There’s no crying in baseball!”




Cutting Edge

As the movie poster says, “The ultimate love/skate relationship.” How long did people sit in a creative meeting to come up with that tagline? A story about love vs. hate, male vs. female, grace vs. crude, and how the elements all align to make a happy ending.




Bend It Like Beckham

What is it about this movie that makes it so enjoyable to watch over and over again? Could it be  that it is very fun, sweet and relatable? Or maybe it’s the British accents? Whatever the reason may be, this movie about a girl who just wants to play soccer will make you smile throughout the film and cheer along with it.




Blue Crush

I have always wanted to learn how to surf, but knew I would kill myself or break every bone in my body. So, this movie allowed me to live vicariously through their “totally awesome” wave rides and see what it is like to compete in surfing tournaments. You have to give these girls credit for multitasking – horrible acting and surfing.




Whip It

I personally have not seen this movie about female roller derby, but I thought I would include it because it’s a big craze! The sport looks fierce, hectic and extremely physical. I know I probably would not be brave enough to try this sport, but at least I can watch this movie and appreciate the insanity of it. Plus, who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore?

There you have it. My Top 5 Girlie Sports Movies. What do you think? Did I miss any other good notables? If so, leave a comment!

Come back for Part 2 of the Sports Movie Triathlon tomorrow, where I will share my Top 5 Football Movies in honor of this weekend’s NFL Playoff Games.


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Misery Loves Company

Let’s be honest…I don’t think I would do a triathlon solo. I mean, why put myself through the pain, extensive workouts, early wake-ups calls, time commitment, empty piggy bank, tight a$$ wetsuit, blah, blah, blah. And not to mention the death-defying activities of swimming in a shark-filled ocean, riding on a car infested road and running on knee ruining pavement. Yes, I am being overly dramatic and a bit cynical, I will give you that. But I definitely need company to accomplish this feat.

Well, luckily I do have a partner in crime who will be enduring this journey with me – we will call her the PG. As well as a group of co-workers who we will be teaming up with to raise money for the event benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Doing A Triathlon Needs Company:

10) Help with the research to find the most affordable swimsuits to the most comfortable bike shorts to the best bars to visit along the route.

9) Someone to tell you, “No, you don’t look like Shamu in that wetsuit.”

8) Make you workout while you lay on the couch watching While You Were Sleeping for the umpteenth time.

7)  Take away your slices of bacon when you order the breakfast sampler.

6) Someone to say, “There’s no crying in cycling!”

5) Understand the insanity that you have voluntarily put yourself through by signing up for this event.

4) Laugh at you when you keep getting knocked down by the waves coming in.

3) Someone to talk to when you are bored out of your mind at mile 15, and you have run out of things to talk to yourself about.

2) Because two people will raise more money than one person.

1) It’s always fun to celebrate with others at the finish line!

So, if this list (and this blog) has sparked your interest to join us in this adventure, we would love to have you! The more the merrier! Registration begins in March, so you have some time to think about it and/or be pressured to do it!

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Trying to Capture the Beast…

The other day I went on an expedition in Porter Ranch to try to capture the Beast – a ginormous, hairy, big fanged, muscular creature that hates Valley people. I used the expedition to keep me busy while doing a 5 mile hike for my triathlon training. We didn’t find the Beast, but we definitely saw evidence of him!

The Beast can be found by following the trail.


I would like to introduce you to our Expedition guide, and other explorers with their trusted scent hounds helping to lead us to the Beast.

First sign of the Beast…he’s footprint. Second sign of the Beast…a gigantic tree he uprooted.

After two sightings, we took a little break at the watering hole.

I guess the Beast had to take a pottie break as well.

Similar to E.T. being lured by Reese’s Pieces, we tried to lure the Beast with M&M’s.

We found a car that he crushed.

And we walked through his fire-breathing trail.

After an hour, we didn’t find the Beast, but we did enjoy a beautiful hike in Southern California!

(In case you didn’t realize…yes…this is all made up! I just made up a theme before I went on the hike so that the time would pass faster, and the walk would be more enjoyable and fun. This technique helps me to make the work out less monotonous and painful, and more interesting. So, the Beast of Porter Ranch is not real…or is he?)

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Swimsuits Come Full Circle

While shopping for items I need to train for the triathlon, I came to the realization that swimsuits have come full circle in my life. Now, what the heck do I mean? Well, let’s start this explanation from when I was a kid…

When I was a child, I remember my mother would always buy me one-piece swimsuits. I am not sure what the exact reason was, but I can guess it’s so that I was not a provocative toddler, or it’s more practical to be active in a one-piece, or it was just easier to find. For whatever the reason, I had a plethora of one-piece suits in a multitude of colors.

Now, of course as you become older, you rebel and do opposite of what you were made to do as a child. So, I began buying two piece suits (ok, ok, I’ll use the sexy word “bikini” going forward). Why? Well, for the pure vain reason of not wanting to look like a geek in a one-piece, or to not look like the prude amongst my friends, or because I really wasn’t going to swim in it. I guess, all the opposite reasons why my mom bought me one-piece suits.

I began thinking about the practical uses of bikinis, and realized you really can’t do much activity in them. You can’t swim half a mile, like I need to do for the triathlon. Nor can you move appropriately without flashing an innocent bystander when a particular body part comes popping out. I guess that’s why when I wear a bikini I am usually lounging in an innertube with a drink in my hand gabbing with my friends.

Currently, I am trying to find a suit that will allow me to do my practice swims in the pool. And lo and behold, a bikini won’t cut it! So, I am thinking that I need to return to my youthful days and purchase a non-sexy, but practical one-piece swimsuit. Therefore, my swimsuits have come full circle. I’ve gone from a one-piece to a bikini back to a one-piece. Let’s call it the circle of life…

Now, I’m sure that this just sounds silly. But the most significant realization I’ve made is that now the one-piece swimsuit is not going to make me look like a geek. Instead, it’s going to make me look like a professional, olympic swimmer. So, while I’ll be concentrating on not drowning, at least I’ll be looking good while doing so.

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